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Trade assurance( Terms & Conditions)
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Terms & Conditions


1. Trade Assurance

The terms and conditions for Trade Assurance services are provided in the Trade Assurance Services Rules. The following is a descriptive summary of the terms and conditions for the program. In case of any discrepancy between the following and the provisions of the Trade Assurance Services Rules, the terms of the Trade Assurance Services Rules shall prevail. Trade Assurance program provides buyers with a number of trade safeguards which aim to both protect buyers' payment to suppliers, and to ensure suppliers fulfill their obligations regarding order delivery and product quality.

If the supplier breaches the terms agreed in the purchase, suplier will undertake to compensate 100% of buyeren deposit payment. If the supplier, for any illegitimate reason, fails to return the deposit paid by the buyer, will refund the deposit up to the agreed Trade Assurance Amount on the purchase order.It is a free service for both buyers and suppliers. Trade Assurance ensures:

Safe payment: get your payment covered by the supplier’s “Trade Assurance Amount” and your payment will be protected accordingly.

Your supplier adheres to your contract: ensures order product quality and timely order shipment

Most suppliers work with buyers quickly to resolve issues, but if a solution isn't reached, can help. work with suppliers to ensure that buyers get their orders on time and that the order quality meets the requirements contained in the purchase order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By using any of the services related to the Trade Assurance program, both buyer and seller acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of the Trade Assurance Services Rules. Buyer shall note that the Trade Assurance service and refund guarantee is entirely provided by suppliers who have agreed to participate in the program. Neither nor any of its affiliated company shall be responsible or liable for refunding the deposit to the buyer in full. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Trade Assurance program,’s affiliated company will pay buyer the Trade Assurance Amount agreed by and between buyer and seller on the purchase order. If the Trade Assurance Amount is less than the deposit paid by the buyer, neither nor any of its affiliated company is liable for such sum and supplier shall be solely liable for the outstanding sum after the Trade Assurance Amount is deducted from the deposit.

2. Coverage

What's covered?


Purchases are covered by the Trade Assurance when all of the following are true:

A buyer is placing an online order with a supplier who is participating in the Trade Assurance program and the buyer has confirmed the Trade Assurance order with the supplier.

The payment has been covered by supplier’s “Trade Assurance Amount” and paid to the beneficiary bank account, which has been designated by

Order is not shipped on time or product quality has been discovered by buyer before product shipment to be different from the quality requirements agreed in the purchase order

The purchase order meets all other requirements under the Trade Assurance Service Rules.

Not covered

Buyer's rejection of the goods for any reason other than not receiving goods on time or not receiving the goods that have the same product quality as agreed in the purchase order.

Goods damaged during pick-up or shipping or not delivered when the buyer arranges pick-up or shipping of the item (for instance, the buyer arranges freight).

Duplicate claims through other dispute resolution methods.

Goods shipped to another address after original delivery.

Products in the Vehicles, Real Estate, Websites & Business for Sale, Classified Ads, Services, and some Business Equipment categories.

Goods purchased on other websites and e-commerce platforms.

Any other reasons as specified in the Trade Assurance Service Rules.

3. Payment Safety

How does Trade Assurance protects buyers' payments ?

Negotiate with your supplier and confirm the payment amount you want to be protected, make sure it is covered by the Trade Assurance Amount when you confirmed the purchase order with supplier.

If the supplier don’t ship on time or the quality does not meet your requirements contained in the contract (you need to raise any product quality claims before the products are shipped out, which means you will need to arrange for the products to be inspected before they are shipped out), the balance hasn’t been paid, and your initial payment is covered by the Trade Assurance Amount, the payment will be 100% refunded.

However, if your deposit paid is more than the Trade Assurance Amount on the purchase order, and/or the supplier does not return the deposit to you in full,’s affiliated company will only refund the Trade Assurance Amount to you. Please consider the risk and determine the amount of the order payment to be protected.

4. Timely shipment

When the supplier doesn’t ship on time

Make sure you have inputted the shipping dates in the contract. If your supplier doesn’t ship on time according to the shipping date contained in the contract, you should submit a claim right away. The supplier has 15 days to respond and offer a resolution. If you and your supplier can’t reach an agreement, you can ask for dispute determination by and will step in and make a determination. If has made a determination that supplierer should refund the deposit to you in full but the supplier did not do so, will refund 100% of your Trade Assurance Amount and then seek reimbursement from the supplier. In most instances, the problems will be resolved quickly without’s intervention.

If a buyer submits a request for to make a determination on the dispute, will review the information and supporting documents provided by the buyer and supplier for evidence of successful on-time delivery to the buyer's address.

If is of the view that the goods weren't successfully delivered on time, will make a decision for the supplier to refund to the buyer 100% of its initial payment. If supplier fails to return the deposit in full,’s affiliated company will pay buyer up to the Trade Assurance Amount agreed on the purchase order. The supplier is then required to reimburse for that amount. Supplier will also be liable to buyer to remit the outstanding balance to buyer.

5. Order Quality

When the products don't match the quality requirements contained in the purchase order (before shipment).

If buyer and supplier agreed to use Trade Assurance to ensure order quality, have made a clear product quality requirement in the purchase order, and the products were found to be different from the quality requirements before shipment (buyer will have to arrange for a product inspection before shipment), buyer can submit a claim request to The supplier should address the buyer's concerns and offer a solution.

If the buyer doesn't receive a response or a solution, the buyer can ask for to step into the case. Buyer needs to pay for a third-party inspection company, designated by, to inspect the products’ quality. If the inspection report concludes that the supplier is at fault, will refund the inspection fee and will demand supplier to refund your deposit in full. In any event, 100% of the Trade Assurance Amount agreed on the purchase order will be covered. If the inspection report supports the supplier, the inspection fee and protected payment amount will not be refunded.

6. Order returns

When an order is returned to the supplier

The buyer must return the products in the same condition in which they were received.

The supplier is required to accept the return at the same location specified in the listing.

The cost of return shipping is the supplier's responsibility.

The supplier pays for any customs charges on the returned products.

After confirming that the order was returned to the supplier, we will refund the full protected payment the buyer has paid to supplier which is covered under the Trade Assurance Amount. We require the supplier to reimburse us for the amount.

When an order isn't returned to the supplier

In some instances, we may not require that the order be returned to the supplier. In these situations, we will refund the buyer and may seek reimbursement from the supplier, for example if:

The supplier chooses not to accept a return request or provide a return shipping label.

The order location was misrepresented.

It's hazardous to ship back the products.

The products no longer have value (for instance, a ticket for a cancelled event).

Alternatively, with the buyer's consent, we may give a partial refund to cover differences between the quality requirements listed in the contract and the actual products, as described in the inspection report. We may require the supplier to reimburse us for this partial refund.

7. Timeframes Trade Assurance timeframes

Non-timely shipment

A buyer can submit a claim right away if the supplier don’t ship on time. After submitting a claim, the supplier has 15 business days to respond to the buyer or offer a solution. If the supplier does not respond or offer a solution, the buyer can ask us to step in to arbitrate.

The buyer and supplier enter into a 15-day negotiation period. Most of the time buyer and supplier can easily work out their problems without’s intervention. If there is no agreement after the 15 days, the buyer can ask to arbitrate.

Once the buyer upgrades the claim to arbitration, will step in. If the buyer doesn't submit a claim 15 days after the goods have been shipped, the entrance of claim will closes automatically.

Products do not meet the quality requirements contained in the contract

The supplier has 15 business days from the request to respond to the buyer or offer a solution after the buyer submits a claim. If the supplier does not respond or offer a solution, the buyer can ask to step in and arbitrate and initiate the third-party inspection in xx days.

If the buyer doesn't submit a claim, and the order is shipped, the window for making a claim about quality will close automatically.

Extended timelines for Trade Assurance coverage

In some limited situations, we may extend the period of time in which a buyer is eligible for the Trade Assurance. This extra time allows us to take into consideration the buyer's location, the shipping service used, a supplier's extended return window, national holidays, or delays due to circumstances such as natural disasters, national emergencies, labor strikes, or governmental acts, or other circumstances such as fraud. In most instances, when we extend timelines for Trade Assurance coverage, in cases where the supplier is responsible for claim opened during such an extended timeline, we notify suppliers at the same time.

Refunds to buyers

We refund buyers via the back track they buyer pays to the supplier’s bank account which has been designated by

Supplier funds, reimbursements, and fees

Supplier funds

After a buyer submits a claim for non-timely shipment or a quality issue, the supplier's Trade Assurance Amount for this order will be frozen or set aside.


If a supplier is required to reimburse the buyer or, the reimbursement amount is removed from the supplier’s Trade Assurance Amount by according to this supplier’s amount.

Using other programs to address concerns

Buyers can't use more than one resolution method to get a refund. After selecting a resolution process ( Trade Assurance, Escrow Buyer Protect, or requesting a chargeback from their payment provider) a buyer is required to use only that process to resolve the transaction issue.

If a buyer files a chargeback, any requests opened through Trade Assurance for the same transaction are immediately closed.

If a supplier loses a chargeback after they reimburse or the buyer, they may appeal the decision by providing evidence of the lost chargeback.

Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims may include:

· A buyer opening excessive requests

· A buyer colluding with a supplier to incorrectly declare an order’s value for customs

· A buyer filing a chargeback after knowingly receiving a refund

Note: For buyers who file fraudulent claims, we reserve the right to indefinitely suspend the buyer's coverage under Trade Assurance.

Other terms

Buyers and suppliers permit us to make final decisions about all cases, including appeals.

We may provide buyers and suppliers with access to each other's names, user IDs, contact information, and other information relating to a request.

When buyer and supplier don't speak the same language, we may assist with communication until the issue is resolved. Trade Assurance is not a product warranty.

In some situations, we may open and decide on a request on behalf of the buyer. This includes situations in which a supplier is suspended for fraudulent activity.

We reserve the right to fix any processing errors we discover by debiting or crediting the payment method used for the incorrect refund or reimbursement

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